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Conbini Dream

You’re the brand new owner of a convenience store! Do you have what it takes make your dreams a reality?

Grow your brand new convenience store by stocking shelves, setting prices, holding special events, helping customers, and more. You decide everything that goes into making your dream convenience store!


Your part time employees will automatically man the register, clean, stock shelves, and deal with customers who need help. When something needs urgent attendance, you can manually tell them what to do. Each employee has different stats, such as stamina, speed, and customer service, along with a special skill. Be sure to choose the right employee for the situation, but don’t overwork them or they won’t be able to do their job!


There will also be times when you need to deal with customers. Keep an eye out for people with complaints, shoplifters, and drunks!


Level up and expand your store! The goal is level 50, but the game continues after that… How many years will it take to achieve your dream convenience store?


  • Place shelves in your store and fill them with the perfect merchandise that customers can’t resist!

  • Control the game entirely by touch screen or buttons.

  • Sell items and clear missions to gain experience. Leveling up unlocks new merchandise and the ability to hire more employees.

  • Special events occur throughout the year. Take part in them to gain experience and money!