NA Publisher
Everyone 10+
Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san

The free-to-play rhythm-action addition to the BlazBlue universe, featuring Ragna the Bloodedge’s special attack, Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san makes its way to your Android and iOS device.

The controls are extremely simple. Consume the food flying across the screen on the beat, and help Dead Spike-san get his mojo back. Rock out to the tunes of BlazBlue in this cute little action-puzzle. New songs and characters will be released over time.


Track List:

  1. Rebellion II: Ragna the Bloodedge’s Battle Song
  2. Bullet Dance II: Noel Vermillion’s Battle Song
  3. Catus Carnival II: Taokaka’s Battle Song
  4. Reppu II:Bang Shishigami’s Battle Song
  5. Queen of rose II: Rachel Alucard’s Battle Song
  6. SUSANOOH II: Hakumen’s Battle Song
  7. Condemnation Wings II: Tsubaki Yayoi’s Battle Song*
  8. Lust SIN II: Jin Kisaragi’s Battle Song*
  9. Marionette Purple II : Carl Clover’s Battle Song**
  10. Plastic Night II : Relius Clover’s Battle Song**


*Condemnation Wings II and Lust SIN II can be enjoyed for free from the store
**To be released in March


  • Available for Android 4.0+ and iOS 6.0+

  • Free to play with DLC characters, items, and songs

  • Experience the Gluttonous Rhythm Action featuring BlazBlue music