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Everyone 10+
  • Fantasy Violence
Swords & Darkness

Upon returning from an important mission, a knight of Athelstern discovers that his king has called upon forbidden magics to stave off defeat in war. It is an act of desperation, and although Athelstern turned that defeat into a victory, it came at a great cost. The magic ate away at the king’s mind, infected his advisors and the army, and turned them against the very country they had sacrificed so much to protect.


The queen, rumored to have survived the chaos and slaughter, hides in the castle somewhere. She is the last, desperate hope for the ravaged Kingdom of Athelstern. This nameless heroic knight, only just returned from his mission, must undertake another, one of the most dire import: Rescue the queen, and save his country.


Swords and Darkness is a side-scrolling action RPG with leveling, stat growth, and a skill system. As you fight you level up, and as you level up you are awarded skill points that can be distributed to your attributes: strength, dexterity, agility, stamina, mentality, vitality, and luck. Finding and reading scrolls will teach you powerful new skills that you can use in battle to destroy your enemies.


  • Skills like “Shield Bash,” “Blade Storm,” “Arrows of Light,” and many others

  • A map that shows where you can go, and what enemies are waiting for you there

  • Dark storytelling that examines the intersection of power and responsibility

  • Exciting, fast-paced hack-and-slash gameplay